Paddle Wing Extreme
Professional paddle.
Cured in autoclave at high temperature and pressure.
Tear drop paddle.
For sprint and marathon racing paddlers, for surfski paddlers and for kayakers that want to try a more technical paddle.
This blade has a very stable and powerful catch. There is a small ‘offset angle’ which anticipates the entry into the water and a high ‘pitch angle’. This blade has much of its surface area near the tip to  get a good hold on the water very quickly.

Available with a more flexible handle (Flex 6) in both circular and oval index (right or left hand), medium/low flexible handle (Flex 4) in a circular index, and with a rigid handled (flex 3) in a circular index.

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The WaveDesign Wild paddle is Full Carbon construction cured in autoclave at high temperature and pressure, the result of this construction is a paddle with excellent mechanical properties, lightness, durability and reliability with a very good progressive flexibility.
The shape of the Extreme is studied to have a more stable catch good pull through and clean exit. You can choose from different blade size, shaft flexibility and handle type in order suit better for your discipline.
For sprint, marathon, sursfski

XTRM 785 XTRM 750 XTRM 720 (NEW) XTRM 685 (NEW)
Surface Area (cm²/in²) 785 / 121,72 750 / 116,30 720 / 111,65 685 / 106,22
Length x Width (cm) 49,50 x 17,50 48,80 x 16,70 47,50 x 16,30 46,50 x 16,10
Length x Width (in) 19,49 x 6,89 19,09 x 6,69 18,70 x 6,50 18,31 x 6,34
Blade Weight (g/oz) 242 / 8,55 222 / 7,83 202 / 7,13 182 / 6,42
Paddle Weight (g/oz) ** 655 / 23,10 614 / 21,66 573 / 20,23 534 / 18,84

**: 220 cm one piece paddle

All kayak paddles are available with an Adjustable Shaft System. You can choose between two solutions: the aluminum paddle lock and the high tech plastic paddle lock.
Easy to use.
Adjustment of overall paddle length (within 10 cm range) and blade angle from 0° to 85° right or left in 5° increments.
This system allows you to disassemble the paddle into two parts for easy transportation.

lock kayak paddle


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All orders will be shipped the next business day after they are received, Monday through Friday. Orders received on Saturday or Sunday will be shipped on Monday. Whenever possible, we will attempt to ship on the same business day that we receive the order.


Hours: Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 6:00pm
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Delivery Costs Contribution Table (EUR)



Europe Area 1*

Europe Area 2*

Two piece paddle




One piece paddle




* European countries Area1 : AT, BE, CZ, FR (no Corsica),DE, DK, HU, PL, LU, NL , SI and FI
* European countries Area2 : BG, EE, ES, IE, UK (no BT JE ZE), LV , LT, PT, RO and SE.
Rest of the world: Please Contact Us (info@wavedesign.com). We will answer you with a shipping contribution quote.

Price List – Wing Competition Paddle – 2023
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