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Born in 2011, WaveDesign is a company specialized in the design and production of carbon-fiber paddles.
The workshop is located in Southern Rome. Extending on 400 sqm, it features an on-site design office, a large production department with a professional CNC machine, a clean room, suction benches, an autoclave (6m), a storage area for raw materials, and a cold storage.
Here we manage the entire design and production process: the making of models and molds, cutting, lamination, finishing, gluing, varnishing, and assembling.
We offer a vast array of solutions, for both kayaks and for SUP and surfski: a large choice of wing paddles for kayak for races or for leisure, for both flat water racing and for sea racing; an ample selection for touring kayaks; a selection for both competitive and recreational SUP.
Our paddles are light, high-performing, and reliable. This is due to our own blade production technique that doesn’t use glues or foams.
WaveDesign paddles are 100% prepreg carbon fiber cured in our autoclave on a controlled cycle at high temperature and high pressure. This technique allows, thru an accurate choice of lamination layers, to optimize the reliability of the paddle.

In September 2017 we arrived in Nuremberg where the reception of the employees in the sector was extraordinary and precious.